A Mascot, a Joyful dog and more

Why it is a mascot?

A mascot is not only a brand's representative but also the voice to communicate with the user. With various uses, it can provide social viral, brand recognition, and even love from customers.

Furthermore, come together with brand guidelines and images, a mascot could develop into an individual product of the company with many lines of physical and visual commercial items and gain profit. Plus, if well developed, a mascot can even establish a new company culture for the employees.


As a link-in-bio product, Joyme needs to become more memorable, standout, and friendly. Therefore, the mascot needs to be something close to customers that they can easily recognize and feel cheered when seeing it. As its designer, my duty was to develop a character that could reflect these requirements as well as become a part of the brand guideline of Joyme - a sub-branding mascot.

Client: Joyme
Role: Designer
Category: Mascot Design

Researching and Sketching

"It's good to be an animal"

Animals, especially pets has always been humans' best friend since the early of civilization, and in the mind, human tend to feel fun when they see animal mascot. Furthermore, an animal mascot could be used to explain complex/serious content, making them easier to take.

Developed from raw sketches, these ideas come up for the sake of choosing the most ideate mascot between Jdog, Jcat, and Jmonkey. Their initial color was picked by the base of Joyme's secondary color - Orange which establish the energetic feeling for them. Moreover, They tend to have simple shapes and approaches which could support their cuteness and be memorable.

There we go, Jdog (he/him)

Take the main color of orange, he means to be an energetic force everywhere he goes. Being cute and friendly, Jdog comes with the stand-up pose which makes him feel closer to a human, and uses accessories and clothes to bring him to life, being an icon and a member of the Joyme team.

And a little bit motion

Adding motion to make the dog more active, aiming to let users interact with him on some screens and features.