Hi! I'm Shawn Cao,
A bit about me

Working always come with mistakes, but I keep gaining experiences and finding better ways to hide them. I realized that nothing is perfect, it always could be better and of course, better sh*t requires a greater effort.

Being a self-learning designer, I explore the extraordinary world of art and creativity through my curious mind. I focus on how to make imagination become reality and make a good experience for digital productions.

Trust me! I know what I'm doing

Joyme's mascot - Jdog

Link-in-bio product Joyme is aiming to be the biggest link-sharing platform in Viet Nam. Their key customer is to serve people to have tools and places to connect, share, and earn with their followers. Jdog was born to be their voice with the world - a representative which pulls users to the product.

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Interlock Rebranding & guide

Inrterlook needs to change its vibe, from a cold, tech-focused DeSec platform to a user-centric product with a warm and friendly feeling, be unique, and be recognizable in the market. The rebranding project aims to keep its identity and bring a new atmosphere to its present.

Characters & Packaging

WEEHOURS is an eyewear brand based in Hanoi, Vietnam. They long to be outstanding in this market with their style, voice, and visuals. This project is a part of their branding process which focused mostly on developing their characters' visuals and glasses' packaging.

Works for WEEHOURS - No-sleep people

FPT University Student Archievement Award

FPT University Student Archievement Award(FSAA) is the prequencely even which occur on every semester at FPTU. Nevertheless, the identity of this even has been kept the same for many times. Therefore, I was decided to bring the iconic traditional Vietnam art style to a modern university's award for their honor students, making it a memorable and unique event of that semester.

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