Interlock aims to become the first DeSec platform that’s changing the security paradigm with blockchain. They’re creating an ecosystem of community-driven security products and a threat intelligence network to protect DeFi. Their first product is a browser extension that provides instant protection from web-based threats, while rewarding users for sharing anonymized browsing data.

Client: Interlock
Director: Joanna Chilicka/Onteractive
Position: Graphic Designer

Interlock's Requirement

Interlock needs to change its appearance, from a cold and inconsistent hi-tech logo mark to something unique, welcoming, and consistent in order to make users feel friendly and more memorable when they think about Interlock.

Besides, visual elements such as icons, illustrations, and patterns are hard to use. They are primarily stocks and inconsistent which weakens the brand vision and brand name on digital platforms.

Bring on the Retro

To make it cool and energetic but still warm and friendly. I decided to bring on the 80s' neon retro style and modernize it to fit the modern graphics. It could bring back the feeling of playing games in our childhood as well as bring the vision of some new horizons through the feeling of technologies mixing with imagination.

Illustrations & icons

To make it consistent as well as spread the cool modern retro vibe. I decided to create the illustrations following the brand's colors. Making them speak for the brand's vibe.

The main point is to show the vision of Interlock for their user, from the graphic elements to its icons and products.