Make Something Different

It started from the request of the FPT University's Student Relations Office - to bring a new style for the student's semester award. From this point, we began a long process of researching and changing.

Client: FPT University - SRO

Category: Illustration

At first, this is FPTUSCARS

Initially, we decided to bring flashy golden style to this event, make it related to Oscars and bring the noble luxury theme to the stage.

Developed from the Mascot of FPT University - a Toad. We created the logo of Golden Toad from the prototype to the visual demo up there. Unfortunately, they had been canceled at the last minute.

"We need something
more Vietnamese"

That is the reason why it needs more research about Vietnamese traditional art styles. Come through many of them, the Dong Ho art style has been chosen. Dong Ho is a special traditional art of Vietnam, printed on a special kind of Dzo paper. The Dong Ho artists use various colors from nature and created a unique style of shape and color.

"And show more honor to awarded students"

In Vietnam's history, one of the most honorable achievements for every student is "first doctoral candidate" -  the title given to the scholar who achieved the highest score on the highest level of the Imperial examination. They gonna be awarded wealth, fame, title, and more. Come with that, there was a parade for them from the capital to their hometown.

This illustration was created the image of a Golden Toad from FPTU who won the highest prize at a semester and was honored by a parade of toads.

In addition, this is the Dong Ho version of the FPTU's alpha building to become the parade's background.